Wednesday, June 17, 2009

doing math is problematic

i've been fidding in my head with various times we could plan to be online during blog camp this weekend and have realized, once again, with trying to figure out what time it was where at what time here, that i hate math, so i'm just going to throw some times out there and hope that some people somewhere will be able to be online then too and will come to play with us.

i'm certain we will all be posting all kinds of wacky things here outside the scheduled times, so everyone should just follow their normal urge to play along in the comments.

but, here's when we'll plan to be online (will provide stickam stuff later, as i still haven't tried it out, but it's on my list!):

we'll be back home and fed in time to get online by 9 p.m. friday

friday, june 19 - from 9 p.m. 'til we wander away (we'll also be making an appearance over at hermit book club around this time, since i'm leading the murakami book discussion there)

saturday,  june 20 - 10-11 a.m. - this will hopefully be convenient for anyone east and south of here who would like to hang out with us a bit.

saturday,  june 20 - 8 p.m. 'til we wander away we'll be out at buresø, but with a lot of computers and wireless, we should be able to squeeze in some time with our blog campers in north america.

this is where we'll be saturday evening

we won't make any promises about sunday morning at this time, because they might not be prudent in light of the supply of wine that has been laid in.

do bear in mind that we will be tweeting as well and you can no doubt follow what's going on there.

i'm getting very excited and really looking forward to this. it's getting that familiar feeling of chaos that happens in my head when something finally comes together and it involves a bunch of other people and you can't really envision it very clearly anymore. but i keep hearing laughter, lots of laughter in my head, so i know it's going to be great.

if you'd like to suggest other times, please do so in the comments and we'll try to accommodate.


Sarah said...

I will be tuned in for at least the Friday and Saturday ones, though do not have web cam (well, a working one) so I will only be able to see you, not vice versa. Which is probably a good thing, as I would cause your web cams to crack.

Just Jules said...

now I am doing the time conversions... the times listed minus 7 hours = ..... screw it - is it still too late to get a ticket ;)

McGillicutty said...

Are the times on your post local Denmark times? So it's minus ??? for EST??? I'm on vacay myself but I'm so excited for you all at Blog Camp I am going to sneak off and take a peek from time to time! heee heee.... what a bad mommy I am...but what a good blog buddy.