Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog Camp Material award

it became very evident during blog camp, that since we were bloggers, we would have to come up with a special blog camp award. there were a lot of people who wished they were here with us and some who couldn't be here, but went far above and beyond to make blog camp something special. so we decided to create the blog camp material award, so that we could let those who really stood out know that we think they are, in fact, blog camp material.

so, we hereby award the very first blog camp material award to the following bloggers:

we know you wished desperately that you were here and we wished you were too.

you figured out a little late what blog camp was all about or you would no doubt have been here. you're so hilarious, we simply wished you were here. plus, you have both a nikon and mac, which are two signs of being a true blog camper.

you went far above and beyond the call of blog camp duty--you created a special blog camp blend of essential oils and sent us a whole box of fun goodies. so this is a big thank you to you!!

the blog camp blend by the fragrant muse
we anticipate that although blog camp 1.0 is over, others will prove worthy of the blog camp material award. those who have been to blog camp and those who have received the award have the right to pass it along to bloggers who you think are blog camp material - so basically any blogger you'd like to hang out with in real life.

may the blog camp material award travel far and wide and live on and on in the blogosphere.

Please remember to link back to this here Blog Camp blog. so that we can see the campers. Thank you.


julochka said...

very good point whoever added that last line! :-)

k said...

awesome award. i hope to earn one at some point.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Whooo Hooooo I needed an award to stomp on the head of the gremlins. Thank you! Twernt nuthin' Just wanted to play too, even if long distance.

WV: Bitzi: The itzy bitzi spider walked up the water spout...

Amanda said...

How fun! More proof that you all had a great time! One day...

spudballoo said...'re too much!! You're so funny, I love that...because nothing has any point at all unless you get the laughs.

I accept my award with grace, and look forward to sharing the BCM award!

Mwah x

Sarah said...

OK, I twittered this, but I wanted to comment that this award made me cry. Actually cry. Cause it is nice to be loved. And missed by people who have never met you. And I am touched. Thanks!

Mari Mansourian said...

congrats ladies... I hope someday to be worthy of this award :)