Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rocks and Sucks

It rocks that I have found the suitcase.
It sucks that the packing fairy has once again failed to turn up to pack the darned thing.

It rocks that I have wrapped the blog camp trinkets and they look great.
It sucks that my blog camp t-shirt has failed to arrive in time.

It rocks that julochka's husband might leave a tastefully arranged axe by the door for a laugh.
It sucks that everyone who wants to be there to enjoy the fun can't (but you can join us online!).

It rocks/sucks (rucks? socks?) that I worked out that I haven't been on a plane by myself in over 12 years.

It rocks that I am going to blog camp tomorrow.
Yeah, that just rocks.


Polly said...

first time alone on a plane in 12 years?? we'll have to have an extra drink to celebrate that

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Damn packing fairies anyway.

Unknown said...

Blog camp rocks!!! Am I the only one with a t-shirt? We can all wear it in turns! :)

Just Jules said...

It rocks that you will be changed when you return home a more confident you on the plane not even noticing you are by yourself.