Monday, June 1, 2009

the countdown has started

Since we hit June the countdown to blog camp has started. It's less than three weeks now.

Looks like I'm the only one left without a talent. I haven't been discovered yet, even though Britain clearly has got talent... (bad joke, sorry Susan).

I'm going from super excited to scared on the idea of a tattoo.

I think I need to buy Union Jack PJs,

and I need to borrow a Mac because my black Dell simply won't do.

I still can't find my tiara which I stashed somewhere, can't find those damn matching diamond slippers either so don't know WHAT I'll wear for Saturday afternoon at the lake.

I don't know how to represent my country and I'll have to review my complete collection of Eurovision song contests for inspiration...

I know I'll be stressing out about the talent thing for the next nineteen days. But perhaps as a Pole with German blood mixed in I could follow Extranjera's lecture on tequilla with my own on, say, vodka. In fact, apparently I'm good at lecturing, i.e. talking about the same thing for about hour and a half. Perhaps that could be my talent. On a suggested topic.

Or perhaps I could spend that time convincing everyone that rock climbing is da best. In case there is still someone there who doesn't know that...

19 days and counting.



julochka said...

oh polly, you're hilarious! you'll do just fine!!

and if it's any consolation, i'm arranging for tiaras for all, so that's covered.

and your dell can sit next to mine, since that's what my work computer is.

and as for the tattoo--i don't think there's really time for it with all of the crocheting and belly dancing and swearing lessons and now your lecture.

and frankly, i don't actually have a talent lined up yet either, so you're not alone there.

i have started to lay in a supply of wine and that's all that really matters. :-)

Just Jules said...

Rock climbing truly is the best, no need to convince anyone. If one consumes enough wine and you put them on a garden wall you can convince them all the next morning that they were indeed climbing a real rock wall ;)