Thursday, June 4, 2009

this week's visits

according to the site meter report (not sure why it comes on thursdays when all my others come on saturdays), our little blog camp blog has had 174 visitors in the past week. this week (my own blog aside), the visitors are coming predominantly from cuttings on a blog (for the second week in a row!) and from the (mis)adventures of veg. go B & VEG! you guys rock! but the last few visitors have come our way from rxbambi's keepsake award post. so go bambi!

tuesdays are our biggest visit day for blog camp (that's actually true on any blog, or at least on any of my blogs. tuesdays are are definitely blog catch-up day out there in the real world.)

i just thought you might like to hear read these site meter fun facts.


Seaside Girl said...

Wow you guys have been busy since I have been away. I need to:

1. Order t-shirt
2. Acquire talent
3. Find tiara
4. Find out what a blurb is
5. Catch up on blog reading

16 days and counting....

Sarah said...

Glad to know that I can help the blog camp cause, even if I am not allowed to go :(