Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the one in which we all met up in Oxford

It's been a week since the British contingent of bloggers converged over mongolian dinner for a very happy incident - to get to know Jelica of Budapest Bits, who, although famous by now in blog camp circles, hasn't been introduced to its British line. The meeting was, of course, in Oxford. Where else.

Despite the A406 gridlock and the new StreetCar Golf refusing to behave like expected, I have made it, with half hour delay to the Cornmarket Street Starbucks... yes, again, where else! And, as the blog camp tradition dictates, that's exactly where we sat over lattes, with cameras and iphones, catching up and getting to know each other and this wonderful meeting over a coffee really was like going back to a blog camp home. After the all the coffees were drank up it was time for food and after careful consideration of some fine Oxford eateries we settled for a mongolian wok place, as recommended by Blanca. And that's where we set up camp for the rest of the evening. Talking. Talking, taking, talking. Talking about blogging. Talking about reading and writing and phototaking, and - of course, the theme of the month - about the Lack of Inspiration. We then moved to the train station and on to the car park. Still talking...

As with all blog camps, mini and not-so-mini, I've come back inspired and full of very positive energy. I'm so glad I decided to stick to blogging and my blog friends. I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible!

Friday, June 4, 2010

blog camp 4.0 - we're taking it to the countryside

outside shots - our new old farmhouse

it's not as nice as the blue room, but i have to admit that i'm totally jonesing for a blog camp. i can't let this summer go by without one, just because the house isn't renovated yet. it's liveable, there's room, there's wifi and the garden is wonderful. if the danish summer permits, we can spend the whole time outdoors. so i hereby announce a blog camp july 23-25 in denmark. email me jknachti (at) gmail (dot) com if you're up for it and i'll give you details about where to fly (or drive or take a train). :-) i have a little less room than we had at the old place, so be quick!

scenes from our lake