Friday, June 4, 2010

blog camp 4.0 - we're taking it to the countryside

outside shots - our new old farmhouse

it's not as nice as the blue room, but i have to admit that i'm totally jonesing for a blog camp. i can't let this summer go by without one, just because the house isn't renovated yet. it's liveable, there's room, there's wifi and the garden is wonderful. if the danish summer permits, we can spend the whole time outdoors. so i hereby announce a blog camp july 23-25 in denmark. email me jknachti (at) gmail (dot) com if you're up for it and i'll give you details about where to fly (or drive or take a train). :-) i have a little less room than we had at the old place, so be quick!

scenes from our lake


Jelica said...

I would love to, but that's exactly when we will be on holiday. Count me in for the next one :)

Unknown said...

I would love to attend blog camp in the new BC HQ. Unfortunately, I have no money and no holiday left this year. Looking forward to BC 2011, and I'll be there for sure, wherever we go!!! Did I hear Berlin was the plan?

Erin Wallace said...

I wanna come - but unfortunately I don't think I can make it to Denmark (as much as I'd like to see Denmark!). I will have to dream.

xo Erin

Anne said...

Another "I wish I could, but I can't" here. Next year! When I (hopefully) have a proper job! And don't have a thesis to finish! Looking forward to hearing about all the fun you have, though, and being green with envy. :)

Bee said...

I've just been looking at your pictures (those gorgeous alliums!) and I would LOVE to see your new house . . . not to mention Denmark in the Summertime. Sadly, (although it's a happy thing), we are having guests from the U.S. during those dates.