Tuesday, June 23, 2009

blog camp: quotable

gratuitous shot of blog camp loot
nothing to do with this post
i just can't post without pictures

overheard at blog camp...

"it's amazing that there are real people behind these blogs." - polly, 19/6.09

"i'm rude in my blanket." - B at café le zinc

"small towns always creep me out a little bit." - polly at café le zinc

"i'm really quite pleasant." - extranjera at café le zinc

"i can't close my mouth when i know you're looking at me." - seaside girl, 20/6.09

"this is not the tequila from your childhood." - extranjera to polly at buresø

"i think we need more wine." - extranjera, during the kongespil (that game with the sticks) at buresø

"i don't write a lot on my blog because if i did i would just spew out darkness." - kristina, in the old toyota, copenhagen, 21/6.09

"i make pretty things." - extranjera, langlinie, copenhagen, 21/6.09


Sarah said...

The blanket comment by B has me intrigued. And so does the pretty things comment by Ext.

spudballoo said...

Fantastic, were you carrying a dictaphone around with you? I'm rude in my blanket, am spitting wine at the lovely Macbook (which never did anything to deserve such a thing)

Hilarious, more please.

Unknown said...

My comment does sound (look?) really bad in writing, but it was pretty innocent! :)
My favourite is actually the tequila one by Ext, which I had actually forgotten!

Polly said...

I burst out laughing really loud when I read this and I was unfortunately in the office. My colleagues now I wasn't exactly working because law just isn't that much fun...