Thursday, June 18, 2009

nervously waiting

It's ten pm London time exactly. I'm ready to go blog-camping.

The little suitcase, surprised that it's being used, is sitting by the door ready to leave. It's mostly stuffed with alcohol and chocolates for the blogesses. I hope they'll let me out of the country with all that contraband.

It's five past ten and I'm getting more and more nervous. Alarm clock set for five am and I'm hoping for some beauty sleep despite all the nerves.

Twelve more hours to go...


Pattern and Perspective said...

Good luck everyone. Sounds like a blast. I've been too busy to blog. I'm too busy thinking and my back has not been doing so hot. I think it occurred from my downtime during my surgery. Argh. I just want to feel better and go on holiday:)

Anyway, enough about my crap -- Cheers y'all.

Just Jules said...

oh Polly they will love you... I am so very excited for you. Don't worry about axes - I would worry more about a stray tounge lick ;)