Friday, May 29, 2009

What should be my talent?

I'm still woefully without any talents to teach my blogger sisters at blogger camp. However, I have three weeks to learn something worth sharing at camp. I should really have something to share... Perhaps you could vote on what that something should be.

Here are the things I could totally master in three weeks (we all know how I probably have some personality hidden in there [here?] somewhere who can devote all her time to this, as well as actually being able to learn something in a short time. It'll have to be one of the personalities who don't drink.... I think):

1. Play Metallica's Nothing Else Matters on an acoustic guitar. This would perhaps be best if I hadn't left my guitar in South Africa, but in case one of my sisters has one?

2. Memorize my own telephone number. Not a proper talent I realize, but a big feat for me. And if this one wins, I might just throw in memorizing the hubby's digits as well. No takers?

3. Stern lecture on how to properly drink tequila and how tequila and mezcal are not the same. I might do this in the interest of tequiducation anyways, but it still requires me to memorize history and read about worms. This one is my favorite, since it combines alcohol and worms. I'm gross that way.

4. Doing a suspicious handstand which might not be a handstand at all but just an illusion (giving myself a way out, since I don't know if my poor arms can support my enormous weight).

5. Fitting my entire index finger up my nose. Okay that's old news. Get it.

5. Preparing a kick-ass guacamole. Okay, so I already sort of know how to do this in theory, but so far in practice my guacamole has been less kick-ass and more singe-your-tongue-right-onto-the-roof-of-your-mouth. I'm still working on getting the balance right.

If you are not satisfied with the options, you are always welcome to suggest some more. I'm counting on you to figure out what I could be good at (besides picking my nose and drinking).



julochka said...

some quick thoughts on this...

1. the place we're going on saturday evening for burgers has a guitar. and guitar hero. probably with metallica's nothing else matters--so we can see your actual kick-ass score on this one.

2. i'd be interested in this, since i can't do it save my life and have to look at my business card every time.

3. yay for tequiducation. can you do vodka too, as a finn, you should be able to. but there's also more here:

4. i think we should probably stay away from this one, since our local emergency room is not capable of doing x-rays between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

5. you will get the opportunity to show us this on saturday evening as well, since buresø burgers have guacamole as an essential ingredient.

you could teach us how to be reliably hilarious. :-)

Unknown said...

I defintely think that guacamole and drinking tequila are important talents that everybody should master and since I don't, you'll have to teach me!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

If I were able to make it to blog camp **SIGH** I would want to learn about tequilla. Then after about an hour of drinking tequilla, i would like to see the suspicious handstand.

Sarah said...

I KNOW, you should give a class on how to mind meld with people on other continents and in other time zones. And how to IM comment on several different blogs at once.

Anonymous said...

You're a comedian. You should do some stand up comedy. Or just a really funny toast....since that would include drinking wine.

Just Jules said...

I have come to realize that some people's talent is just making other people laugh - so from what I have read here and in your own blog - THAT girl is your talent, someone who can keep the party rolling - go with !

w.v. kincoc- one who keeps the party rolling

usage - Ext. is always the kincoc of the party.

rxBambi said...

**sighing next to M81**
How about tequlia body shots? well, if there were going to be boys. Oh what the hell, tequila body shots anyway.
I also like VEGs idea of mind melding. and maybe transporting the poor souls that REALLY REALLY want to be at blog camp but cant go. Damn it all to hell.

Hit 40 said...

Definitely #1. I got my boys real guitars and lessons because of that guitar game. It killed me to see them playing a fake guitar like it was real!!!