Thursday, May 7, 2009

blog camp is no ordinary camp, please!

I said to someone yesterday "I'm off to the blog camp" and their first reaction was "it's a camp??" and then they started taking fire... forest or some kind of jungle... insect repellant... uniforms... night watch
And that brought very bad memories... I was a scout once, never enjoyed it that much though.
So I think we need to clarify one thing, dear Blog Camp blog visitors who are mystified by the whole camp thing, please note that:
* we do not intend to play guitars and sing songs by the fire
* we won't be getting at 5am to feed birds and other forest animals
*we won't have to take turns to stay up all night to make sure that noone steals the tents
* physical activities won't go much beyond lifting bottles of wine
* we won't have to wear uniforms - pjs are not uniforms
I hope Julie agrees.


julochka said...

totally, completely and utterly agree!!

Unknown said...

Oh, no! We're not doing any of those things, specially not getting up at 5am.

Extranjera said...

There will be no tents, no camp fire, no hikes?!?!
Damn you tequila induced ticket buying frenzy! What have you gotten me into now?!?!
How will my outdoorsy girl-scout persona ever cope.

kristina said...

whew! :-)

Seaside Girl said...

This is definitely my sort of camping ;-)

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

No bugs, no campfires, but plenty of bottles of wine while wrapped in my cozy pjs—I'm in!~