Friday, May 15, 2009

For you, ladies!

I'm giving this award to all the ladies who are coming to blog camp (or are organizing a South Africa one).

I've said it on my blog but wanted to say it here too: I think that blog camp is the perfect example of the great things that can happen in the blogosphere, and a sign of true sisterhood.

So for you ladies, no need to pass it on, just enjoy! (But if you do want to pass it on, rules here. I say other nice things about you there too!)

Update: Mrs Rotty had the same idea and nominated us all here! How crazy is that?


Mrs.Rotty said...

great minds think a like!

Pattern and Perspective said...

Well, bummer. I can't go, but I will watch from afar and hope you all have a great time!

Pattern and Perspective said...

Actually, I won't watch...I'll read.

julochka said...

are we so cool or what? thanks B, thanks Mrs. Rotty!

and don't forget that this is for people who are only going to be at blog camp in spirit as well!

blog camp rocks! (but it's not rad, definitely not rad. ;-) )