Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the antipodean element

I'm sneaking in a post because I am so excited about the idea of the blog camp. I say sneaking... because today is one of the days that one of my retainer clients pays for my time, so I should be writing about art.
But hey, if art is a reflection of life, and blogs are a reflection of life, then Julie's blog camp is surely both life and art. That's my excuse anyway.

I'm going to be organising the Cape link to the blog camp, for those of us who are not able to pop over to Denmark for the big event.

So, all you Kaapenaars who have a blog crush on Moments of Perfect Clarity, let me know who you are!

Lynne at Wheatlands News

1 comment:

Just Jules said...

A female shouldn't have this big of a crush on another female written blog ;) j/k

Love the idea and even looked up airfares yesterday - to show me why I couldn't go. Until flights came in cheaper then they are from MN --> CO, USA.... wow! now there is the matter of kids and childcare.....sigh