Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog camp to do list

  1. Find passport. Its in that cupboard. Given the state of the cupboard I need to start looking for it now as seven days might not be long enough to find it.
  2. Find suitcases. I repeat. How is it possible to lose suitcases? I am starting to truly believe that someone has broken into my house and taken only the suitcases. I don't know why they would do that but it seems to be the only logical answer to their disappearance.
  3. Consider which pj's will be best for hanging around in on Saturday.
  4. Urgently need to find a talent other than the capacity to consume large quantities of alcohol.
  5. Find out if there is anyone I can bribe at zazzle to ensure that Blog Camp T-shirt gets here before next Friday.
  6. Seriously consider whether I am brave enough to go swimming in that lake and if so take swimwear.
  7. Try and contain my inner child excitement about going to the airport and getting on a plane and act in the manner of seasoned traveller constantly passing through international hubs.
  8. Still need to find out what a blurb is.
  9. Stop wondering whether sad enjoyment of international plane travel and lack of blurb knowledge will render me the camp geek.
  10. Stop making lists and actually do some of this stuff.


julochka said...

don't worry, we love you already. and #4 is a talent that will come in very handy at blog camp.


rxBambi said...

Have I mentioned that I am jealous? Seething with envy? Covetous beyond belief?

Ok, more metizing. Now youtizing.

Any cute pjs will be fine. Just don't forget to wear a bra if your going to hang out all day in them (no pun intended).
EtOH is always good. Ohhh, you need to make mimosa's to start the day off right.
Lakes? Kinda gross, but you'll be in DK so go for it.
Just be yourself on the plane, no one cares anyway. Remember not to bring nail stuff, and don't forget your ambien.
I don'tknow what a blurb is either, but I'm not going to camp (damn it all to hell!) so it doesn't matter. Fill me in when you find out!

julochka said...

p.s. although i am a seasoned-traveler, i still pass thru the airport with childlike excitement, so just hold onto that.

don't worry about the blog camp t-shirt, if mine come, you can wear husband's for pictures. :-) i very nearly forgot to order them myself!

Polly said...

you know I have my passport sitting on the coffee table and suitcase has been taken out already - I'm THAT excited about the blogcamp! only I'm also not sure about pjs... I wanted to buy really tacky union jack ones for this occasion specifically but can't find them!

Unknown said...

I'm sooo excited! As I said to Polly yesterday on an email, I thought I'd get a bit freaked out with the whole thing when the time got closer, but I'm just getting more and more excited by the day!!!!! And don't worry, we'll explain about blurb!

Seaside Girl said...

Feeling a whole lot calmer although still have not found passport...

Molly said...

This would totally be my list if I was coming. Instead I'll be channelling martha stewart in an attempt to make the ultimate penguin cupcakes.
Have SO MUCH FUN Y'ALL (yes, I'm shouting here), I'll be thinking of you!!