Tuesday, May 19, 2009

asking yourself...

....do i fit in at blog camp?  if you can answer yes to more than one of the following, blog camp is for you. (and yes, maybe i just felt like making a list. it's my blog camp and i'll list if i want to. :-p)

do i...

  1. like to stay in my pajamas all day long?
  2. love to blog?
  3. want to meet some of my blog friends in person?
  4. like to drink wine?
  5. and lattes?
  6. know a lot of funny stories that i love to tell?
  7. want a bunch of new funny stories to tell?
  8. love to laugh?
  9. have any good skills? (yup, that sounds a little napoleon dynamite.)
  10. think about getting a(nother) tattoo? (whoa, where's she going with that? she never said anything about that before.)
  11. like really good pastry?
  12. like to have burgers beside a beautiful lake?
  13. ever get down on the ground to take a picture?
  14. wonder what my blog friends look like in real life?
  15. ever take pictures with my friends where we all go like this:

if you answered yes to more than one, or wanted to answer yes, you're gonna have a blast at blog camp.


Sarah said...


1. Yes, frequently.
2. Umm, yeah. Totally.
3. YES!
4. Not as much as Ext., but I think no one does actually.
5. Yes, read today's post.
6. My life is one funny story.
7. Yes, please.
8. Yes, mainly AT myself and WITH others.
9. Does hurting oneself count?
10. Yes, the one I have is getting lonely.
11. Yes, the size of my butt can attest to that.
12. Burgers anywhere are great.
13. Does falling down and having someone take a picture count?
14. Most definitely.
15. Yes, but no I will not post them.

I answered yes to all of them yet hubby still won't let me go (as she pouts)

Oh no, am I going to start another IM convo with this?

Amanda said...

I am still so jealous and wishing I coud be there too. VEG and I will just stay here in our part of the world and pout. Dang!

Polly said...

YES to 13 out of 15. I'll fit in (sigh of relief). Looking forward to it, although I'm curious about the getting tattoos point. So far my tattoo count is 0

Sarah said...

Yes, Amanda, lets start a pout party and maybe Julochka will fly here and rescue us from the doldrums of NOT having blog camp.

julochka said...

the dinosaurs called off my trip to canada. so no flying in for fun. :-( at least not next week.

Indiri Wood said...

If I wasn't moving in June I'd love to host a US blog camp here. But if I can't get the money together for a Sept ticket then I could open my house here.

Seaside Girl said...

14 out of 15. And thats because I only just got first tattoo. But very happy to hold hands of any would be tattooees.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Damn it, I belong at blog camp...

Hey my word verification is inkenals...surely this is a sign that more than one will leave blog camp with a tattoo.

julochka said...

inkenals--i like it. do you think we can convince B's boyfriend to design us a blog camp tattoo?

julochka said...

VEG--i think your husband is inflicting cruel and unusual punishment upon you. maybe you could get a restraining order (just for june 19-21, since i know he's otherwise quite a charming and upstanding boy who would seem to be a keeper) that states that you must be 4,729 miles apart (that's how much site meter says it is, so it's pretty exact). then you actually HAVE to come. to keep him from being thrown in prison. you'd be doing him a favor.

Extranjera said...

Nope, definitely don't belong.
I had no idea there would be wine, or coffee. That could lead to ...drunkenness and delirium and eating pastry for dinner, and I couldn't have that. Might cost me my spotless reputation.
Canceling my tickets now.

julochka said...

i thought your ticket was nonrefundable. do you really want to stay in sauna instead of coming?

i don't think so.


Sarah said...

Julochka: I am quite certain that will work. Maybe. Will give it a try over dinner tonight.

Ext: Spotless reputation. That's really quite funny.

julochka said...

ext--spotless reputation is funny, now we're even on the fairyblogmother. :-p

VEG--it'll totally work.

Just Jules said...

If I got to go to Denmark I would totally get a tattoo to celebrate!

Polly said...

Now I really want a tattoo. I can't believe I lived my life without one.

Unknown said...

Finally, a place where I fit perfectly!
Not sure about the tatto part, though, but we'll see, maybe if I have enough caffeine followed by enough alcohol... anything can happen really, I warn you!
Will test the boyfriend, see what he thinks of that tattoo design...