Thursday, May 7, 2009

tickets in hand!

seen on the side of a SAS plane in oslo last week

it seems that everyone who needs tickets to fly to blog camp now has them! and that lifts my spirits quite a lot on an otherwise dreary, grey, drizzly day. plane tickets in hand always make me happy, even if they're not my own (tho' i do currently have two sets myself so maybe that's why).

i'm so excited and thinking already about the things that we'll do during blog camp:

  1. tackle some of that huge pile of WV words i've been saving and post them on balderdash.
  2. partake of gin & tonic sorbet, since it's actually polly's doing that i invented it. 
  3. have at least one online virtual blog camp session (probably two due to time zones) with all of our bloggy friends who can't be here.
  4. starbucks (when we pick everyone up at the airport, since that's the only place there's starbucks in denmark)
  5. a walk around copenhagen to take pictures (if we're not hungover and the weather is good)
  6. cook and eat lots of great food.
  7. send husband for morgenbrød.
  8. laugh.
  9. plot world domination.
  10. go visit some good friends of ours who live near a lovely lake and want to meet everyone!
i am in awe of the spontaniety and gutsiness and daring of you totally cool bloggers who are coming to be part of blog camp. this is exactly what was missing in my life and i'm so happy to have found it. and i just totally can't wait!!


Extranjera said...

Can't wait either! Totally lucked out in getting the tickets for the correct dates despite of tequila.
Am hardcore.

Unknown said...

Yay!!! We'll have to go to Copenhagen, even if we are hungover, because, let's face it, we probably will be.

Just Jules said...

Agree with #9 - watch out world!

Mrs.Rotty said...

i can't wait to read these. you guys are going to have so much fun.