Wednesday, May 13, 2009

some things needs to be said

Since I'm on a roll with the confession extravaganza here's another one - even thought it's not quite Friday.
This is Wednesday edition of a blog camp confession. I've been thinking about this lately so here it is:
I'm a PC, not a Mac...
(wait, it gets worse!)
I'm a... Dell
(does the fact that it's a black Dell help?!?!)
I know this is just not cool enought but it's purely cost driven. No ideology behind my PCness whatsoever.
As penance, I'll be pouring wine making sure that noone's glass is empty.
And speaking of wine - Julie, the t-shirts are lovely, and with the proceeds going to such a worthy cause, I'm getting mine soon!


Extranjera said...

Black Dell always outranks a pink one or a bedazzled one.

Seaside Girl said...

I'm a bit scared. I think my laptop can understand what I am typing. I was just about to make a snarky comment about my (very battered) black advent and it shut down on me.....

There, there (strokes laptop) I don't covet a Mac, of course not..

Just Jules said...

You guys are hilarious!

The shirts are something :) Made me laugh and almost spit coffee all over my (black) Dell (also cost driven, special through dearest school) I do love the shirt, but the tag line is what made me laugh

Seaside girl - thank you so much for dancing around my blog.... I was so happy to see you over there. I will serve you wine next time you come over. But, you may want to bring your own since I think mine is awful and ... yeah, just bring your own.

Seaside Girl said...

Jules - I'm coming back later. Will bring own wine as advised. ;-)

julochka said...

i'll confess as well. my work laptop is a dell. it's so tiny and light that it's almost ok that michael dell is evil and was a "pioneer" giver to the bush campaigns. but i do advocate bling.

that's why my original iPod is referred to in our household as The Porn Pod. because it's all blinged out with pink bling.

i should also note that we don't make that much money towards wine on the t-shirts...they take most of it, we get like 2 pounds per shirt. :-) so buy them for the whole family, will ya? ha!


Char said...

I'm a PC...but it is a Sony

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

Gee, I'm so sorry. I don't "understand" because I'm a Mac person and we don't have to really..."think."

Unknown said...

Polly, my Mac and I forgive you if you really do make sure that my glass of wine is never empty.. but don't worry too much, because I'll probably make sure myself that never happens!