Wednesday, May 6, 2009

husband is brilliant

we are laughing quite a lot at our house (in between frantically trying to get those boxes that have been standing in the hallway for an eternity cleared out) about husband's brilliant blog camp idea.

you see, he said it a little bit in jest. he was actually making fun of me, taking the piss, as it were.  about my penchant for living a good portion of my life online and not in my own community. i was trying to explain how it felt like a community anyway, but that i would like to hang out and drink wine with my blog friends. which is when he said, "why don't you have a blog camp?"

and now we're actually having blog camp. a short leap from talk to action here on P street. and now some of those people i most wanted to hang out with are coming. here. to my place. for blog camp!

i loved B's post yesterday about her fears about meeting everyone in person, because all of the same thoughts and more had crossed my mind...

  1. am i going to be totally different than they expect me to be after reading my blog? 
  2. will i disappoint? 
  3. am i too fat? 
  4. i'm not really that happy with how my last hair color turned out. 
  5. what if they don't love the blue room as much as i do? 
  6. what if none of them can teach me to crochet? 
  7. will everyone bring a laptop? 
  8. can i find one of those cool antique swedish folding tables before they come? 
  9. will i get those boxes cleared out of the hall in time? 
  10. will someone be injured by falling towers of crap in the laundry room? (must keep laundry room door closed--convenient then that it has no handle) 
  11. will someone mind sleeping in sabin's loft bed? 
  12. will we figure out how that whole stikam thing works? 
  13. what if they all cancel at the last minute and i'm all alone?
  14. should we come up with a time schedule for the virtual component of blog camp? (i loathe time schedules.) 
  15. and looming largest of all--will they like me?

so many questions. but mostly, i'm bouncing off the walls with happiness. because it'll all come together. and it's gonna be awesome!!! we're going to laugh so much and have a totally brilliant time. i'm so glad husband had the idea. i wonder if he knows what he's getting into...


Polly said...

Julie, this is exactly how I'm feeling! Especially on the being fat and disappointing bit! It's a kind of stage fright... doesn't change the fact that I'm looking forward to it and about to buy the plane ticket!

I shall bring my laptop (and the European thingymiggic to plug it in).

I am happy to sleep in the loft bed.

But I can't crochet...

Unknown said...

But of course we're bringing our laptops! This is blog camp, after all! And, yes, Polly, thanks for reminding me about the European thingy.
Not sure about the crochet... definitely not my thing!
Oh, the will they like me? tune keeps playing in my head!
But this is going to be sooooooooooooooo great!

kristina said...

I think we all have those worries - I have gone through 2, 3 and 15 a number of times...
but you know what? I learned to crochet a couple of weeks ago and think I'll be able to teach you how to make a granny square! :-)

Mrs.Rotty said...

soooo jealous! But i'm sure i'd be feeling the same thing.

I doubt any of you will be a disappointment.

Just Jules said...

So, hubby said I could go - just leave now, whatever.... should I book the tickets and tell him I didn't understand the sarcasm? :)

Lynette said...

what a fab idea!
and i love everyone's honesty about meeting in person.

i often think about these great connections i am making and i wonder do these people exist? how do i come across to others? it is so interesting and lovely.

have fun!