Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog camp virgin

Not blogcamp virgins
 This was my first blog camp. Which was a little awkward what with me not having a public blog and everything. Because Julie and Extranjera do have blogs and I have read them, I knew much more about them than they knew about me. So far, so much potential for a Misery like weekend.

I am glad to report that the weekend was far from a Misery like weekend (well for me anyway, you'll have to ask the others their opinion). Instead, there was food, wine, talking, laughing and a bit of photography. Oh and embroidery (why do the stitches have to be so small?!) and a fantastic chance to observe the country folk of Mid-Jutland at a huge fair.

The only part remotely like the movie involved the freakish vampire/zombie flies which despite being swatted, came back to life. So the big guns of electric flyswatters were brought out and despite being roasted with visible sparks and smell, some flies came back to life. It was a little disconcerting although great fun.

I think the best adjective for the weekend would be comfortable. Now I know that this may seem pejorative but let me explain. First, it did have the potential to be uncomfortable because of the unequal balance of personal knowledge but due to the loveliness of our host, Julie, and the coolness of the other blogcamper, Extranjera, it wasn't uncomfortable. Not even when I called Extranjera, Tatiana for the first day or so. See, so nice that I didn't even need to use their correct names. Secondly, it was comfortable to simply hang out and have wide ranging conversations from serious academic subjects to frivolous and fun ones. We simply got along well. Which was nice. And although I suspected we would from their blogs, it was still a relief that we did.


Bee said...

Blog Camp benefits from "new blood," I'm sure . . . although I hope you didn't have to give much of yours to those vampire flies!

Great pic -- did Taina take it?

p.s. Julie -- there were some nice Jutlanders at Jane Austen House the other day.

Numinosity said...

I would like to host an arty blog camp at my place in Alaska. How do you assemble one? Anyone interested next summer?