Friday, July 16, 2010

blog camp: minnesota style

once upon a time there were three bloggers. they were all (originally in any case) from the upper midwest and had at least the potential to speak in that accent you've heard in the coen brothers' movie fargo, (tho' i can assure you they were not goin' crazy up here on the lake, at least not during the summer when there was no snow keeping them indoors). one of them had moved to a small european country and flying over coming for a visit, so she arranged to see them. one drove down to the big metropolis with her family to hang out. and the other one graciously agreed to host a crew of four adult and five child-sized random strangers at her house for lunch on a sunday afternoon. and it was wonderful. and we called it blog camp...
the five children who attended blog camp: minnesota.
a kitchen to worship (that's made of an altar! how cool is that?)
(that's husband and sandra in that picture)
a few four-legged blog campers
and honorary blog camper howard
after much discussion, the group finally assembled for a photo
keegan was our official photographer (man, i hope i spelled his name right)
he then passed along the mantle to his little brother (tryllen??) for a few shots.
and to end it all, an eagle soared overhead.
in all, a lovely little minnesota blog camp, thanks to jules & co. and sandra and mark. it was great meeting all of you in person at last. i hope it's not the last time. and sandra, i'll come to your gorgeous and inspiring house for lunch ANYTIME!! :-)

* * *

and speaking of blog camp - one spot just opened up for blog camp in denmark next weekend (july 23-25), so if you're feeling spontaneous and you really love old country houses that are in need of repair, email me: jknachti (at) gmail (dot) com


Sandra said...

It was a perfect day! And how great was it that an eagle made its appearance at the end.

You are welcome to come the next time you get to the middle of the US. I love old farm houses needing repair, as I bought one myself, so do I ever wish I could come to blog camp in Denmark. Those four-legged blog campers keep me home though. Sometimes I don't like that!

I am very glad to have met all of you. It was a wonderful experience for Mark and me.

Sarah said...

Oooo, Howard sure does lend a certain j'ne sais quois to the whole thing, does he not?

Aron said...

That dog is so cute!