Monday, July 26, 2010

creativity at blog camp!

thanks to the ever-wonderful elizabeth, we began something new at blog camp 4.0. when she visited a few weeks ago, elizabeth brought me a large, beautiful vintage damask tablecloth that has hundreds of little squares built into its woven design. when she saw it, she thought it would make a fabulous blog camp project, so she knew i had to have it. and so, i asked the blog campers to embroider something - anything they wanted - on a square or squares of the tablecloth. and this was the result....

by jude - she immortalized my notion that there are no uninteresting chairs in denmark.
and extranjera - in her inimitable style, created a fabulous springbok(?) unicorn(?) with tree and comet.
sabin and i are still working on ours and isaac will have to come back to finish his, as we ran out of time (deciding lunch was more important) before he could finish. but, we got a good start on the blog camp art project.


Polly said...

once again, Extranjera proved to be very crafty. great creature, whatever it is... how did you do it, is it a large cloth? did you all work together at the same time??

Berlin blog camp sounds so great but 25th September is my first teaching weekend of the new academic year and there is no way I can get out of it... such a shame! next time, DEFINITELY

Extranjera said...


Mine totally says smart and deep stuff about the environment.

Also, it embodies and symbolizes.

And then it refers to and parallels while juxtaposing.

Yah. I'm crafty.

Elizabeth said...

This is perfect, I love it. Can't wait to follow the growing process of this piece in creation