Tuesday, August 3, 2010

coming soon: blog camp berlin!

shooting "weissensee"
photo by kristina of no penny for them
i lifted it from her flickr, totally without asking, but i hope she forgives me. 
that's it! blog camp berlin is a go!! we'll meet in berlin on friday, september 17 for three days of cafés, sights and loads and loads of photos. oh, and nonstop laughter and intelligent conversation. we'll most likely rent a big apartment through one of those sites where you can do that and share the expenses, but kristina (of the above brilliant photo/blog) will be our official hostess and show us around (she just doesn't have room for us to stay with her).

please confirm with me if you're indeed coming, so i can find us an apartment that's the right size. you know the email address. :-)


Anne said...

Oh oh oh, if this were, say, two months later I'd SO be there. As it is, I'll be deep in thesis-writing/revising. Yay.

Any chance there'll be a blog camp in November? Preferably one on the eastern side of the Atlantic? I'm in the market for post-defense celebratory trip ideas. :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

well, needless to say i can't wait to meet all you berlin blog campers here - it's going to be fab!