Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Midnight Sun Blog Camp?

Hi, I'm Kim from *Numinosity*

I'm throwing out the idea to have a Midnight Sun blog camp at my home in Delta Junction, Alaska next summer. 

The ideal time for me would be around Solstice time the weekend of June 17, the following weekend or 4th of July weekend. The nights are longest then and the weather can be at it's best (well, not this year)

I have beds for five or six and even more room for camping or floor space with pads. We live an easy 100 miles from Fairbanks which is the nearest airport.  It's 6 hours from Anchorage.

It's a rural area with stunning scenery and wilderness in most directions.

Since it's a long haul for just about everybody I'm offering up lodging for a couple of days on either end of the chosen weekend. Of course you may want to take advantage of  touring this vast state if you're getting all the way here.

I have studio space and some supplies if you're feeling like projects and of course the photo opportunities are as vast as the surroundings. I can even show you how to make a glass bead.

My road off of the Alaska Highway.

The Garaj Mahal where you would be staying (no snow will be present!)

I also have a place in  Bisbee, Arizona that I could offer up for a blog camp in the winter but the lodging would have to be separate from my house as we don't have the room to put anyone up.


julochka said...

kim, it sounds heavenly!! must discuss with husband, tho' i fear he's going to prioritize our building project. :-( it will be the blog camp of a lifetime!!

SH -ic said...

tks for sharing your place sounds so good .. but I will be in switzerland next year
and cant join the blogcamp in Berlin I stay at that time in Denmark
so we see..

Unknown said...

Sounds amazing! And June 17th is my birthday and it'll also be two years since the first blog camp! Would that convince boyfriend (by then husband) that it's totally acceptable for me to go? I'll try!

Numinosity said...

I'll leave this up for awhile here and then open it up to the wider blog world and then locally if I still have space to fill. I know it's a long way to travel!

I may be able to host one at our cottage in Maine in the summer too if that's more doable for anyone.

Regan said...

Your blog is lovely!! This place looks gorgeous. :) xoxo