Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Camps 1.5 and I come!

I'm all packed and ready for Blog Camps 1.5 and 2.0...are you? On which note...still a couple of places open for Blog Camp 2.0 in Denmark at Julocka's gaff...WHY? Book now to avoid disappointment....or entry in to my Grudge Book...

Here are my boysTrunkis which I think are the perfect size for the trip. One for essentials, the other I will take empty and then snaffle a couple of friends to take home with me. I don’t have any many local buddies and at this point my options seem to be (a) knit my own or (b) steal some. Well, I’m not at all crafty (so don’t be expecting any of that crochet nonsense from me, I ‘might’ manage finger knitting?) so (b) it is. The case is kind of small. Must remember to take axe to dismember Blog Camp attendees so I can squish them in my Trunki and then reassemble Chez Spud. Ta da!

Inside one I’ve packed all the essentials:

  1. Blog Camp T shirt
  2. Standard issue Converse
  3. Entire lens/camera stash
  4. Bottle of white wine (for the journey – will send 10 cases ahead. Each)
  5. Dressing up kit
  6. Wig (just in case)
  7. MacBook
  8. Passport
  9. iphone (for non stop Tweeting)
  10. Grudge Book (never leave home without it)
  11. Stones for Julochka in case she needs a fix. They are special ones. From my driveway.

Still to be packed:

  1. Spare liver
  2. Funnies
  3. Bleep Revision Notes (so I don’t boob and call everyone by the wrong name)

On the final point, I am aware that I am a Woman of Mystery due to my penchant for dressing up. I don’t want my fellow BC victims attendees to worry about which one I am. So I had my name printed on my Blog Camp T shirt. Thoughtful huh? So, ladies, when you spot the bearded, googly eyed, blonde swishy wig, habit wearing one…you’ll know it’s me.

8 comments: said...

Sweet suitcases! I want some of those! Plus I want your glasses, your t-shirt, your wig. Hell, just send me everything you own. Or leave your address and I'll simply break in and start taking things while you're at BlogCamp. (I get kind of vindictive when I don't get to go to camp. I'm bitchy like that.)

Mari Mansourian said...

funny you... have a blast, love the wig.

rxBambi said...

I WANT TO GO TO YOUR BLOG CAMP!! But I'll be content with the Reno one...I assume it's still on...not much news about it. Totally jealous I won't be there, but a little bit okay with the fact that I wont be near you and your axes. Looks like a ton of fun, cant wait to hear all about it!

wv: chilist
Blog camps are the chilist things to come thru the pipeline yet!

Sarah Anne said...

This reminds me how far away you all live. *sigh*

Polly said...

Oh this made me really miss the blog camp and look forward even more to the blog camp 1.5! I wish I could come to the 2.0 edition but this wouldn't be fair on other bloggers plus it would make me camper-in-residence and that's not what we want.

I love the stones comment!

This reminds me I better start thinking about presents... and moo cards...

Jelica said...

I might be seriously tempted to steal one of your suitcases, so beware. It will be fun to meet you, wigs and all :)

Polly, it would be really and truly fantastic if you came to Camp 2.0. Please do!

Bee said...

I might have to raid my youngest daughter's dress-up box. Since you are staying in her play room, goodness knows what inspiration you will find!

McGillicutty said...

Oh the trunkies are adorable and you'll look so sweet trundling one or both behind you!!! again the Brit kid stuff is way more cute than over here!!! HAve fun you little pink panther you!!!!