Thursday, January 14, 2010

post #100 - blog camp 3.0 approaches

blog camp 3.0 begins tomorrow! i'm not ready at the moment of writing this...i'm still frantically finishing up prezzies and putting clean linens on the beds. but the menu is planned, the cooking will begin later this afternoon and i'm looking forward, in happy anticipation to heading in to meet everyone at the airport on friday.

this time, sabin and i have planned a number of crafty activities, in a sort of return to the original concept of blog camp - which was to share our creativity and talents. i really can't wait for everyone to arrive. tho' at the same time, i feel a bit sad that it's the last one in the famous blue room, since the house is sold. it will likely be autumn before we can host a new edition of blog camp, on the farm that we have yet to buy (husband is looking at two of them this weekend with our carpenter and our architect, so we move ever closer).

but first, we have this weekend to enjoy. check in for updates from blog camp central all weekend!


Elizabeth said...

I am in a state of frantically packing in my stuff. Although it is just a small flight and only three days, I have a lot to take with me. Of course I could take a large suitcase but I don't want to let my prezzies out of my sight. Conclusion: a small suitcase and a bag. Is this normal behaviour or just me being silly?

Polly said...

It's not being silly, Elizabeth, I'm brainstorming packing techniques as we speak. I'm wondering if it's a good idea to put red wine and presents into check in luggage... I may leave wine behind, just in case

This past few days went so fast, I can't believe BC is starting tomorrow. I lost touch with reality (read: blogging) due to life being overwhelming (and the fact that I had no electricity and heating for the past 24 hours, which made me realise how addicted to internet I am) I'm really hoping to regain my blogomojo and summon photomojo back from Indochina and so get back on track with the important stuff

Am counting minutes (while cooking dinner for B who's arriving really soon...)

kristina - no penny for them said...

thinking of you and wishing you all a phenomenal time!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Have a great time!!!!!