Tuesday, January 19, 2010

if your bird needs a friend

if you find your bird is lonely
and needs a friend.
go here, where you'll find the pattern
and you can make some more.
now that you know how.


Sarah said...

Oh, my bird fetish is making me covet one of these. But I don't have a sewing machine. Foiled again by my lack of creative skills.

Looks like fun was had again!

Bee said...

I wonder what the real birds thought of these creations?

I think that my bird will have to stay one-eyed, as we didn't make it home with another blue crystal. Ah, well; he will be special that way.

From Camille: "I want to come to EVERY Blog Camp!"

Polly said...

My bird is glorious with its fluffy black tail and shiny button eyes. It's hanging off the nightlamp...

B and me are planning a trip to Liberty's fabrics department in February so there may be more birds and other soft animals around soon.

Oh, and there is an exhibiton on Quilts coming up at the V&A, it does look very interesting, perhaps a trip to London?