Sunday, December 13, 2009

mini blog camp

miss buckle, who came to blog camp 2.0 back in september, was in town for the COP15 climate meeting and she had some extra time on friday and saturday, so she came out to blog camp HQ to hang out and have a mini blog camp. the weather was cold, but clear and sunny (for a change), so we took advantage of that and went out to a christmas market at a little bitty castle nearby - selsø slot. the early afternoon light was beautiful there, as you can see in this shot of miss buckle. i was standing down in the dungeon, shooting up at her in the light above. other than that, we went to the christmas festivities at sabin's riding school, but i'll have to share more of that when blogger's photo uploader is working again.

mostly, we just hung out, looking at cookbooks, drinking wine and talking about food. anne is going to be competing in the norwegian version of master chef and so she's doing a lot of thinking about what she will make for the competition. we paged through cookbooks and talked food until our mouths watered. happily, my local fish guy is open again after some repairs to his building and we were able to get some beautiful mussels, salmon and halibut for an absolutely gorgeous fish soup that is one of anne's specialities. i made a thyme focaccia to go with it and we are really happy to have some leftovers for today. blogger won't let me upload the photos right now, but we'll ask anne to be a guest blogger on domestic sensualist and hopefully she'll share the recipe there. it was definitely a dish that i'll be adding to my repertoire!

but the main message in this is that if there's anyone out there who is passing through copenhagen, don't hesitate to get in touch for a mini blog camp.


spudballoo said...

Ah how fun! Great photo, Miss B is looking v jolly xx

Just Jules said...

that is a beautiful picture

Mari Mansourian said...

great shot of miss b, i saw the one of you j on miss b's blog :) the soup sounds delish, glad you guys had fun