Thursday, September 17, 2009

polly is an angel

somehow i missed this photo when i downloaded, or else this aura has recently formed around polly and has only become visible in my iPhoto just today. doesn't she look amazing? it makes me feel as if something really special is about to happen to her.

ooh, i just gave myself goosebumps.


Polly said...

this is a great photo, thanks Julie for finding it!

the aura has definitely resulted from spending at the blog camp. back in the real (?) world the angelic qualities have somewhat receded. the aura is gone. the watch too, by the way, I broke the strap :-(

Char said...

:) sweet

kristina - no penny for them said...

what a lovely picture! and i'm sure you're right!

Unknown said...

Magical! Funny we never noticed the aura aroung Polly who is not really called Polly but who I refuse to refer to with any other name, because she's of course a Polly!
Forgive rambling, it's Monday!

Unknown said...

we want to come to blog camp...
if you visit us you'll see why ;0)
have an awesome weekend
mona & the girls