Monday, August 17, 2009

“Feeling fizzy”…that’s how us tired but happy Blog Camp 1.5 girls described ourselves this morning over breakfast; a kind of energetic bubbling up of excitement and giddyness at our blossoming friendships. We all went to bed very very late, but no one could sleep at first because of the ‘fizzy’ feeling. Our lovely hostess Beth, astonishingly eloquent for rather early in the morning, described it so elegantly as being that rare emotion that a few, select girlfriends can inspire, almost akin to ‘romantic love’ if you like. She explained it so perfectly, but ‘fizzy’ is a good summary of what it feels like. If we could bottle it and sell it we’d be millionaires!

I’m too zonked to write with any thought plus I’m still ‘processing’ the weekend through my mind and waiting for something insightful to drop out the other end. We talked about everything, we photographed everything, we ate, we drank, we went on a trip, some of us were 2 hours late arriving and got lost on the way despite being the only native Brit attending, there were laughs, and debate, there was teasing, some people put their foot in it but the others were too kind to make a big deal of it (phew), there were presents galore and a lot of this:

But mostly we just felt fizzy. And we liked it! And we want some more of it! And we wouldn’t mind another round of those fizzy Kir Royales (pictured above) knocked up by Beth’s super husband. Cheers!

Oh, and it turns out that the ‘Group Jump’ shot hasn’t improved since Blog Camp 1.0. Shabby…very, very…shabby.


spudballoo said...

Sigh, I don't understand blogger. It keeps cutting my photos at the side, even though I upload them as 'small'. Bleargh.

Kim: said...

Sliced photos or no, it looks and sounds incredible. I'm so glad you all had such a great time. (Let there be more!)

julochka said...

it is cutting off the jump shot. we need a new template on this blog.

the jump shots are totally hilarious. i love that.

and your kir royale picture is fantastic. mine all suck. you must give me camera lessons at BC 2.0

Lynne said...

that champers glass is too beautiful! I want one!

Bee said...

The jumping pictures crack me up. I definitely had "lift-off" issues. Well, I've always known that about myself.