Saturday, January 8, 2011

blog camp krakow, anyone?

New Year, New Blog Camp! How about meeting in Krakow for the first blog camp of 2011? No date is set as yet, but after some informal discussions it emerged that March, May or June would be best. Krakow is wonderful in the spring, and there is plenty to do in town. Plus it's small enough to walk everywhere. I will take care of arranging accommodation, possibly an apartment within walking distance from all sights and bars, and I'll act as hostess/tour guide/translator. All you need to do is book a flight!

Let me know if you're interested either by leaving a comment in this post of emailing me at pollyabroad at gmail dot com

How about the weekend of 27-29 May?


julochka said...

yes, please! i rather liked the idea blanca had of june, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of blog camp...does that work for you? and it also works weather-wise, right?

either that, or easter....easter must be very cool in krakow.

Polly said...

excellent! I think June is perfect... but also, the last weekend in May is a long weekend here in the UK, perhaps that would be good, what do you think?

easter would be okay but I'll be trekking in Yosemite at easter this year (which I'm very, very excited about, by the way :)

jane said...

really? it sounds awesome!! one more thing to think about! ;)
happy new year darlin!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, phooey. I was looking for Spud. I miss her. Spud, if you see this, come say hello, won't you?